By copying our Video Download Files to a flash drive, you can view our 720p HD Virtual Experience Videos in High Definition on your large screen TV if you have the correct setup or devices.

Most of today's large screen TV's have USB ports which will accept flash drives and should play our mp4 video files without additional devices.

We highly recommend downloading our FREE SAMPLE VIDEO first to see how easy the download process is and to see if your large screen TV will play our videos without further devices or equipment.

If, for some reason your large screen TV will not play our FREE SAMPLE VIDEO directly, you have two choices:

1. Most new Blu-Ray Players have a USB input and will play our 720p HD Virtual Walks, Jogs, and Bike Ride videos in High Definition. So plug your flash drive into your Blu-Ray Player and try that. No Blu-Ray Player? Just Google "blu ray players with usb input" for a list of all the models of Blu-Ray Players that also have USB inputs.

2. Almost all Media Players have USB inputs and should play our 720p HD Video Downloads on your large screen TV in High Definition.

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